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Choose Culture. Choose Opportunity. Choose Mapit.

Mapit Realty is a Queens-based full service real estate firm that offers front to end expertise beginning from property search to the closure process. We specialize in purchasing, selling and leasing residential and commercial properties including investments, foreclosure, properties, REO properties.

At Mapit Realty, we believe in the expression, “Time is Money.” We provide our agents with a strong support system of experienced agents and staff, designed to create more time and opportunity for them to be successful.

Whether you’re a newly licensed agent, or an experienced one; Mapit Realty, will provide you with the necessary knowledge, training and tools to take the next step to a brighter and successful future.

In this office...

We do Teamwork, we do Help, we do Respect, Punctuality and Laughter.

We do Friendship. We do Coffee and Cake. We Communicate and Listen. We do Motivation. We do Great Things!

We Provide You With...

1. Training and Coaching

When we first started real estate, we were the new kids on the block, and had no clue what to do. Fortunately, we went to a lot of training. Why? Because knowledge makes you money. So, here at Mapit, we offer one to one training and give a lot of support.

2. Solutions

We can introduce you to attorneys, loan officers, expediters, photographers, and specialists in marketing and advertising who can assist you in your transactions.

3. Competitive Commission

We know this is a big deal so we offer good splits with our agents.

4. Fully Functional and Spacious Office

You have access to and use of all of our office supplies, our computers, conference room, kitchen etc.

5. Professional Marketing Department

Help you find your opportunity to generate listings and clients.

6. We treat every colleague like family.

You will get all of the support you need in your career. Not to mention, we are a fun and quirky group of people who have your best interest at heart.


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