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New York State real estate sales process

Real Estate Sale Process in New York State, no matter you are seller or buyer, what has to be done to be able to get to the closing table. If you have any questions, email us at  



Tips for First time Home Buyer from Licensed Home Inspector

When you're a first time home buyer, it's so important to know what you are "getting yourself into". Always have a professional inspect the house before going into contract. 

We have a special guest from "Dennis Home Inspection" Michael Chai, a professional home inspector to give you a few tips on things to look for while touring the house.


Real Estate Contracts

Hi Everyone!

Here is a brief video from our special guest, Attorney Edmond W. Wong explaining and answering a few questions that buyers might have before purchasing their home, as well as any legal questions people may have regarding contracts from the seller and buyer side! Edmond answers questions like inspections, contracts! as well as sellers taking offers even if the buyer and seller are in contract! Watch the FULL video for more answers! 


5 Most Asked Questions regards Mortgages

Our special guest Loan officer Jeff Hsieh from Homebridge Mortgage is here to answer 5 most asked questions regards mortgages.


Why do we need title company in Real Estate Transactions

1. What is title insurance?

2. What does title insurance insure against?

3. Why does the new homeowner need a title insurance policy and a lender need its own policy?

4. What would title insurance do for a homeowner if there were a problem after the sale?

5. How long does coverage last?


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