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Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 885336

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

42-40 Bell Blvd., Suite 101

Bayside, NY 11361

手机: 917-776-8113  f: 877-765-9589 



微信号: itsjeffhsieh



VP/Senior Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS: 97880

Quontic Bank

37-12 Prince Street Unit 10C 

Flushing NY 11354

手机: 516-477-7344


微信号: steven18187


Annie Zhang

Senior Consultant


136-82 39th Ave, 6FL,

Flushing, NY 11354

手机: 917-650-7355




90 days mortgage payment grace period during pandemic

- What 90 days mortgage grace period means to individual mortgage holder? - What changed if you want to refinance or buy in the near future?  

- What if you are in the process of buying right now?


Special Guests today:


Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 885336

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

42-40 Bell Blvd., Suite 101

Bayside, NY 11361

c: 917-776-8113  f: 877-765-9589 



Wechat ID: itsjeffhsieh



VP/Senior Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS: 97880

Quontic Bank

37-12 Prince Street Unit 10C 

Flushing NY 11354

O: 718-215-4093 | M: 516-477-7344


Wechat ID: steven18187


Mapit Show#19 DOB Open Permit? 如何处理?

房屋买卖时遇到Open Permit的问题?上任屋主的open permit还没closed, 工程无法sign off? Open Permit的3大类型是什么?资深建筑设计师Wilson来帮你解答!

Mapit Show#18 Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Short-sale House

Short-sale or Foreclosures properties are getting harder and harder to find on the market. If you are going to buy or interesting to buy homes, you should know what is Short-sale or foreclosure property is, and their advantages and disadvantages when you buy.


Mapit Show#17 What should you prepare when your property comes to selling

Before you sell your property,

As an agent, how to determine your home is worth? 

how could I do to increase my property value?

should you price your property at higher price, then you could have more room for negotiations?

Mapit Show#16 一家庭改建两家庭的前提需满足什么条件?

中国人买房子大多数会选择两家庭以上的,这样就可以一家老小住一起热热闹闹。又或者一家庭自住,另一家庭出租。收来的租金可以用来供房,两全其美。 但是如果刚买房子时预算不够只能选择一家庭,或者已买的房子就是一家庭了,想要改成两家庭房子怎么办?

这期 Mapit Show 让Wilson来给我们讲述一家庭改建两家庭需满足什么DOB的法规。

联系Wilson电话1 (718)-886-8567   |   邮箱:

联系Mapit Team: (如果你需要将你的问题告诉我们)

Mapit Show#15 Tips for First Time Real Estate Investors | Are you trying to buy investment property?

As a first time investor, what kind of real estate property you could start with?

What benefit you would receive from the commercial property? and how much of the cap rate? 

What are the factors impact the evaluation of commercial property?


Mapit Show#14 不想小偷盗贼光临你家,一定要敲响“警钟”



1. ADT Security Services

2. Frontpoint Security

3. Guardian Protection Security

4. SimpliSafe Home Security

5. 怀恩警钟

6. 华安警钟电话公司


Mapit Show#13 夫妻亲戚或朋友在美国合伙购置房地产时需要注意什么?怎样买房?产权如何分配?



Mapit Show#12 收到房管局的房屋罚单,该怎么处理?

在美国,房屋的不当使用或者违法改建都会面临收到房屋局开出的罚单。屋主是否能够自己解决这些罚单问题呢?这期的嘉宾为我们华人屋主们讲述收到罚单的可能面临的后果以及它的解决方法。 Wilson Chao是纽约州注册建筑师,他在商住混用高层大厦,摩天大楼,城市交通中转枢纽等建筑类型以及城市设计等领域中具有丰富经验。同时他对美国建筑工程标准, 规划政策法规,以及建造施工市场已具备超过15年的行业经验。 他所在创办的Studio C Architects,是一所建筑与规划综合性设计及商业咨询公司,业务涵盖各项建筑设计, 项目场地调研, 建筑可行性报告,可持续性绿色环保建筑设计,项目初始设计至竣工。


电话:718-886-8567 | 传真: 1-800-877-3493

邮箱: | 网站


Mapit Show#11 2019年纽约新租赁法实行!| 房东租房需谨慎!



Mapit Show#10 What is the Impact for US Real Estate After Chinese Buyers Exiting?

How important are Foreign investors for New York's Real Estate Market? 
How much is attributed to Foreign Investment especially from China? During the tighter capital controls in China, money from Chinese buyers hard to come in the US real estate market, what impacts this is having.

Mapit Show#9 不需查收入买房贷款?!投资买房钱在中国出不来?外国人贷款?

Quontic 银行提供不查收入贷款,外国人贷款,小型企业贷款、房屋贷款以及网络银行等服务。Quontic 银行是FDIC会员, 总部在纽约市, 在美国许多州都有据点在美国许多州都有据点,在纽约、皇后区、法拉盛等华人社区享有极高的信誉,在贷款批准的手续和交流渠道比大银行更灵活。Quontic银行帮您买到梦寐以求的房屋!

Quontic银行高级贷款专员Steven Ho何先生做客億陽團隊的访谈节目Mapit Show,为我们讲解华人买房方面的所面对的贷款问题!如需寻找Steven Ho的帮助或想要获得更多Quontic银行贷款方面的资讯,请通过以下方式联系Steven:


Mapit Show#8 How to Finance Your Home With No Paperwork? | No Doc Loan

Steven Ho is dedicated to helping first-time homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership. Though Steven is familiar with nearly all aspects of lending, he specializes in first-time homeowner loans. He guides his clients through the entire mortgage process—from loan origination through Closing—with a high level of service and care.

Contact Steven Ho at 
Wechat: steven18187
Office: 718-215-4093

Mapit Show#7 Client Appreciation Party

We had a great client appreciation party on 1/13/2019. People just had fun with us! Thank you for all our client's support. Wish to see you next time!

Mapit Show#6 How his working experience inspires you -- Interview with William Liu | Part 2

We already know about William Liu last week. We will continue to listen to his story this week.

Mapit Show#5 How his working experience inspires you: Interview with William Liu | Part I

William Liu, who is a successful realtor.  He’s also good at buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation, Short-Sale, Property Management. As many positions in his job, how he works for each other? Watch this interview, listen to his story and experience. 

An Inspirational Chat: How to be Successful In Real Estate

In this episode, we talked with our guest Stephanie Fung, who is Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Manhasset. She will share her experiences and her tips to us and the new broker agents.  You will find the answers for below questions:

When and how to start real estate?

What are brokers do in their day life?

Where is the main business from?

What are the tips for work with sellers, or buyers?

How long does it take before close?

Tour of QSAC, Day School Whitestone

“QSAC was founded in 1978 by a group of parents confronted with the limited service options for their children with autism. ” QSAC is a nonprofit organization that supports the children and adults with autism. They offered the help for the people with autism to be independent and get closer to the society communicate. In today’s Mapit Show, we visited QSAC, and had a great interview with the Director Cynthia Martinez.


纽约市是东海岸最大和最繁忙的城市之一,拥有超过800万人口来自世界各地的不同国家。 在这个大熔炉中,对于租赁的需求很高。






我们在房地产行业拥有超过10年的经验,我们致力于帮助客户销售,购买和租赁房地产。 我们的使命是分享我们的故事和经验,希望能够帮助他人进行房地产之旅。 欢迎来到Mapit Show!


What Landlords Need to Know When You Rent

New York City, one of the biggest and busiest cities on the East coast is home to more than 8 Million people, all from different countries all over the world. In this melting pot comes with the high demand of renting.

As a landlord or future landlord, you may have some of the questions below:

How do I screen tenants?

How do I know which tenants are qualified?

What kind of paperwork should I ask for?

What information can help me to find quality tenants?

With a total of over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping our clients sell, buy and lease real estate. Our mission is to share our story and experiences in hopes of helping others on their real estate journey. Welcome to the Mapit Show!


根据房地产市场报告,上岛市的在线时间 - 在皇后区工业区之前 - 上周飙升248%; 上周末,长岛市的开放式房屋出现突然增加了两倍。



*现在是在长岛投资的好时机吗? 周边地区怎么样?






An In-Depth Look at the housing investment trend in Long Island City with Amazon coming

Amazon HQ2 heats up Long Island City's already hot housing market. Online searches for homes in Long Island City - before an industrial area in Queens - soared 248 percent last week, according to the real estate market report; Over the weekend, open house attendance in Long Island City suddenly tripled.

You may have following questions:

*How is the housing market price now?

*Is it a good time to do investment in Long Island now? How about surrounding areas?

*How will this affect the housing market in near-by neighborhoods?


Watch Ran Dan Pan on the Mapit Show to find out!


Ran Dan Pan, a real estate broker and investor will give an in-depth discussion and also investment tips! !

Stay tuned!



New York State real estate sales process

Real Estate Sale Process in New York State, no matter you are seller or buyer, what has to be done to be able to get to the closing table. If you have any questions, email us at  



Tips for First time Home Buyer from Licensed Home Inspector

When you're a first time home buyer, it's so important to know what you are "getting yourself into". Always have a professional inspect the house before going into contract. 

We have a special guest from "Dennis Home Inspection" Michael Chai, a professional home inspector to give you a few tips on things to look for while touring the house.


Real Estate Contracts

Hi Everyone!

Here is a brief video from our special guest, Attorney Edmond W. Wong explaining and answering a few questions that buyers might have before purchasing their home, as well as any legal questions people may have regarding contracts from the seller and buyer side! Edmond answers questions like inspections, contracts! as well as sellers taking offers even if the buyer and seller are in contract! Watch the FULL video for more answers! 


5 Most Asked Questions regards Mortgages

Our special guest Loan officer Jeff Hsieh from Homebridge Mortgage is here to answer 5 most asked questions regards mortgages.


Why do we need title company in Real Estate Transactions

1. What is title insurance?

2. What does title insurance insure against?

3. Why does the new homeowner need a title insurance policy and a lender need its own policy?

4. What would title insurance do for a homeowner if there were a problem after the sale?

5. How long does coverage last?


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